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William Kassouf

October 27, 2016
If you have been watching the World Series of Poker coverage this year on ESPN, you have seen the man known as William Kassouf all over your television.

William is the man who has poker players saying "9 high like a boss" all over the world right now.

I take my turn and have William on the podcast tonight :D 


1:58 back story WSOP 2016
12:36 #9hiLikeAboss
14:57 post WSOP

17:26 lawyer career

22:40 poker career
24:55 speech play GTO

50:00 #keepPokerFun

59:44 Kassouf's Poker Podcast (taking over)
1:14:42 Kassouf Show (#saveGPL)

1:17:37 negotiation w 888

1:34:52 upcoming WSOP episodes


3:14 Penalty - 15seconds
29:20 nuts – monkey nuts – absolute coconuts
1:01:44 #BornToWank
1:07:59 Dating speech play impression
1:10:25 Kassouf serenade 
1:11:58 Robbie Williams serenade