The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Talal Shakerchi aka Raidalot

July 7, 2016

**Timestamps below**My guest today on the podcast live from Las Vegas and the WSOP is Talal Shakerchi aka Raidalot on Pokerstars. Talal recently won the SCOOP Main Event for 1.4mm USD on Pokerstars. I don't know that much about Talal outside that he is involved in the hedge fund business in Europe, really enjoys playing poker and is very active in the philanthropy world. Talal plays everything from the 300k Super High Roller Bowl to the low buyin events during SCOOP season on Pokerstars. Talal has posted many insightful things on the TwoPlusTwo message board over the years pertaining to the recent Pokerstars changes and other online poker related happenings. I'm very excited to have him on the podcast and find out more about him :)

3:32 businessman(s) in the pokerworld
10:59 hedgefund market insides
17:22 starting out in poker
28:34 poker economy
45:14 thoughts on Ferguson / Lederer
53:20 (amaya) insidertrading
1:21:51 parallels hedgefund - poker
1:35:56 philanthropy / charities
1:44:30 cryptocurrencies
1:55:06 criterias for hedgefund jobs
2:11:21 (poker)life advice