The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Stealthmunk aka Justin Schwartz

September 24, 2016

Stealthmunk is a legend of the online poker world and TwoPlusTwo Poker forums. You might also know Justin from the WSOP 2015 coverage where he put on quite a display of personality on episodes that included Daniel Negreanu. This episode starts off a bit slow as I wine and dine Justin to make him feel a bit more comfortable. He is one of the fellow 10/20 PLO regs on Bovada so I actually get to have a discussion about those games for a bit of time. The feedback for this episode has been pretty good for the people who make it past the beginning stages of things. Enjoy ITUNES :D

2:27 background
10:59 (alleged) Bovada (endboss)
24:06 Ben86 (vs WCG) incident(s)
36:12 current lifestyle
53:33 fedor run
1:01:55 future poker ecosystem
1:07:13 DNegs propbet
1:09:55 #entrepreneurlife
1:16:41 200/400 livepoker
1:19:24 homeless life
1:26:37 future plans
1:28:28 diabetes
1:35:48 foxwood incident


1:43:30 life wisdom


6:36 gamblers anonymous
9:56 breaking TOS
37:04 highscore on Bovada
46:30 dream-machine
49:37 liquor bet
1:06:46 dog appearance 
1:46:26 bang bang Max Silver