The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Shaun Deeb

May 2, 2017

(0:00) Shaun Deeb intro
(3:00) Choctaw weekend PNiA drama with #HashtagKing
(4:10) What started personal row between Salomon Ponte & Shaun Deeb?
(5:40) Entertainment value of Friday’s PNiA Choctaw live stream
(6:50) How did it feel when Shaun stacked #HTK?
(7:50) Ponte’s personal attacks and Deeb’s restraint
(9:40) Fans take Deeb’s side vs. Ponte & Cantu on stream
(11:00) #HashtagKing attempts to pawn belongings, wears free clothes
(12:20) Deeb boycotts future LATB casts – #StandStrongWithShaun
(17:30) Deeb warns community about HTK’s downward tendencies
(20:00) Community galvanized? Good or bad for poker?
(21:15) Brandon Cantu drama on PNiA Choctaw’s Friday telecast
(22:00) Phil Hellmuth vouched for Cantu loan from Deeb – $12,000 USD
(23:20) Difference between “settling” a debt vs. “acknowledging” a debt
(25:30) The Brandon Cantu Story… as told by Shaun Deeb
(30:00) Deeb from prepared for Cantu’s ire after previous Pittsburgh drubbing
(31:00) Deeb warms community about Cantu’s downward tendencies
(33:00) Details behind “Banker” Deeb extending loans to players
(36:00) Cantu drama good or bad for poker?
(38:25) David Viffer enters convo
(39:10) Shaun “Moneybags” Deeb shout-out
(41:00) Kid’s birth vs. WCOOP equals tough spot
(46:15) “Recently single” Matt Glantz – Fedor Holz announcement teaser
(47:00) PokerStars SCOOP 2017 – Deeb’s abilities in mixed games
(51:10) Advice for live players who want to attract recs
(53:00) Private games discussion
(58:00) New casinos popping up on East Coast
(59:00) The “Great Game” of Pot Limit Omaha
(59:40) NINE cards? Super Stud 8?
(1:00:30) Mixed game WSOP hype + Shaun’s Vegas plans
(1:02:40) Shuan’s thoughts on Supreme Leader, Douglas K. Polk
(1:07:50) Viewer comments & questions
(1:08:50) PNiA is coming to the East Coast soon!
(1:09:20) The Elder Statesman, Mike Dentale
(1:12:30) Falling out between Shaun and Jason Mercier
(1:13:30) Rising popularity of Poker Night in America
(1:13:50) The need to provide a marketing push to modern-day players
(1:14:50) Shout-outs
(1:15:50) #StandStrongWithShaun boycott of LATB action
(1:15:50) #StandStrongWithShaun boycott of LATB action
(1:18:00) Conclusion – Follow on Twitter: @ShaunDeeb