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Saahil Sud aka Maxdalury : DFS WEEK

August 31, 2016

Saahil is considered one of the top Daily Fantasy Sports players in the entire world. He regularly plays the highest stakes in almost all of the major sports at cash games and tournaments (GPPs). We get to know more about the man behind the legendary screen name Maxdalury :D


7:36 Dealing with Controversy  
14:05 Start of nfl season 2016
15:40 Nfl / mlb DFS differences
20:52 Initiative for new players
29:06 Improving DFS
30:45 Thoughts on opponents
37:51 Professional background
41:14 Life balance
45:31 Lineup strat
50:05 DFS scandal
51:39 Sweating games / emotions
58:11 Channing Frye Incident
1:01:30 Big contest(s)
1:03:43 Playboy mansion grind
1:05:58 DraftKings final events
1:10:00 DFS - poker comparison
1:13:26 DFS training sites
1:23:43 Future improvements


42:11 Sacrifice for (big) potentials


34:45 Million $ beatdown on Condia
47:15 Assani Fisher story
1:16:47 Brm vs Amateur