The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Rob Yong (Casino Owner/High Stakes Poker Player)

July 8, 2020

High stakes poker player, casino owner, and Partypoker partner Rob Yong joins me again on the Poker Life podcast today to talk about the state of the online poker world, where to look for opportunity in the poker world, his adventures at the very highest stakes cash games in the world, his adventures at the high stakes tournaments on PartyPoker, the upcoming World Poker Tour Championships on PartyPoker and more. It will be a fun show


0:01 Joey shout-outs his plans for his next future poker content 1:05 Joey introduces Rob Young and they start talking about what's been going on with Rob's life and history how he got into the poker business 5:24 Joey and Rob talk about MTT suggestions that Rob shared on his twitter how to better the MTT experience for the regs and recs 16:20 Joey and Rob talk about the WSOP and how to make it more authentic experience 23:20 Joey and Rob talk about the competition between the poker clients like PartyPoker, Pokerstars, GGPoker 34:12 Joey and Rob talk about possible plans for PartyPoker in America and their competitors plans and business strats 43:55 Joey and Rob talk about the possible future for poker with bitcoin and innovations and how poker should grow 57:25 Joey and Rob talk about PokerBros and how the app functions, poker regulations and Rob's accomplishments n the poker industry 1:14:15 Joey and Rob talk about Jungleman and Bill Perkins cheating incident and why it is bad for the poker community 1:24:25 Joey and Rob talk about GGPoker uncapped rake games and why rake should be reasonable and beatable 1:32:15 Joey and Rob talk about PartyPoker and GVC regulations, rules and other poker problems around regulations 1:44:55 Joey and Rob answer twitter/chat questions and they talk about the BBJ $350k incident, the poker industry risks/rewards/models/series/practices 2:17:35 Joey and Rob talk about stables and how they function, game assistance, ACR intentions, rating poker companies from best to worst for the poker players 2:31:33 Joey and Rob talk about why poker companies should do right about poker players and not exploiting them 2:38:00 Joey and Rob do shout-outs, answer more questions and pick giveaway winner for the $1k 5mil GTD WPT

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