The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Prahlad Friedman aka Spirit Rock

September 30, 2016
Prahlad is one of the biggest online poker legends in the history of the game. He was one of the first people playing high stakes when online poker first came to be. We will find out how much poker he still plays now and also find out more about his new music video/record label and more. It should be a great episode!

0:53 introduction
2:05 rap career

3:55 recent years: live games
7:11 recent Pokerstars action
10:28 first poker steps
15:46 cheating incidents
17:59 cheating on Pokerstars
28:06 Swedish hackers
25:34 past NL endboss

30:31 UB apologies 

32:25 historic online battles

36:18 vegan / spiritual life

49:19 rap beginnings
58:01 pragress records

1:37:47 Jeff Lissandro


21:00 decision – result correlation
23:21 think! facing tough spots
39:29  happiness
39:59 approaching tough times
42:04 unnecessary “perfection”
47:31 grinding mentality
1:32:38 a lot of heart syndrome
1:35:11 delegating tasks


15:09 feel hud
42:54 stop light GTO
50:35 rap performance
51:55 hand vs Kido Pham
1:02:24 tinder GTO
1:17:21 rap music time
1:24:35 freestyle

shots fired:

36:26 Vegans