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Phil Galfond Talks Challenge & Being Down $900,000

February 20, 2020

Phil Galfond joins the podcast today to talk being down $900k in Match 1 of the Galfond Challenge against Veni Vedi on Run It Once Poker. We will ask Phil all the questions that so many of you out there want to know about. 

3:30 How does Phil feel about the challenge?? 
5:12 Why not end the first match?? 
7:30 Will time off make a difference in the results?? 
8:30 Does Phil think he has an edge?? 
11:53 At what point does Phil quit the match?? 
15:24 If I think he is better, I will quit.... 
22:52 What has made the match so tough?? (Pattern Recognition) 
27:00 Why did Phil choose Veni as first opponent?? 
32:50 Has Run It Once Poker traffic grown?? 
34:20 Free $10 on RIO Poker now 
37:50 When will RIO Poker make money? 
39:00 Possible bankroll challenge for myself on RIO Poker 
42:20 Do you think Veni is cheating? 
47:00 Luke Schwartz comments 
51:30 Thoughts being down $400,000 
53:00 How has Phil's wife Farah handled challenge? 
58:53 Adam Levitan question on God Mode... 
59:30 Downswing piece of advice  
1:04:40 When will challenge resume? 
1:09:00 Dealing with criticism 
1:11:30 Does Phil have all his own action?? 
1:13:30 When will MTTs be on RIO Poker? 
1:18:00 Aussie Matt story 
1:21:00 RIO NEW PLO Product Vision 

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