The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Olivier Busquet

May 2, 2016
**TimeStamps Below**

The time has finally come for me to have Olivier Busquet on the podcast. We will be discussing his run as the HUSNG end boss (is he still the end boss of that format??), the poker world in general, branching out to commentating on ESPN, traveling, pizza, wood tables, the difference between cats and dogs, and of course his recent MMA fight that had the poker world buzzing. (3 of these things we might not actually be discussing but idk if anyone actually pays attention to these). 

I recently wrote about the fight that Olivier had with JC and you can watch the fight if you haven't had a chance to see it yet


7:54 FIGHT preparation / STEROIDS allegations
25:19 motivation to FIGHT
1:22:29 poker career
1:24:17 WSOP lifestyle
1:30:35 BOTS / dreammachines in onlinepoker
2:04:04 GPL
2:16:48 "everyone is full of s***" / daily struggles
2:22:42 LOVING (life)
2:53:42 future plans

I will be writing takeaways/recaps of each podcast and all sorts of other different poker related things on my website: