The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Matt Berkey RESPONDS To Doug Polk

April 10, 2018

TIMESTAMPS (Shout out to David Huber for timestamps!!)

(0:00) Intro, Poker Life Podcast with Matt Berkey
(2:10) This week's Poker After Dark shows
(2:49) Matt Berkey's response to Live at the Bike lineup changes
(5:13) Matt says $200/$400 NLHE LATB game promotion was a "partial truth"
(6:37) Funds for high profile nosebleed poker games are not easy to move around
(8:05) Matt Berkey talks about Doug Polk, YouTube video and TV poker cancellations
(12:34) Live poker stream organizational challenges, not everyone has incentives
(14:06) Matt sends a BANG BANG to Doug's Facebook Live clip
(17:26) Matt Berkey's business growth, personal brand vision
(18:47) LATB, Andrew Feldman get high praise
(19:56) Should big name poker players become more active in organizing TV games?
(21:30) Andrew Robl "leads with value" as "the bank" for some big games
(23:36) Matt says Global Poker League is incosiderate of value to its players
(25:01) More thoughts on Doug Polk
(26:50) Joey talks about an upcoming surprise, Friday episode with Doug Polk
(28:15) Cryptocurrency discussion, CoinPoker
(35:39) The current state of online poker, middleman Internet wagering
(43:30) Private poker games, cannibalization of stake levels
(46:53) Why the Los Angeles poker scene is different from Las Vegas
(50:06) The continued growth of poker tournaments
(52:05) Promotional ideas... OMG Bomb Pots!
(55:02) How short-stacking No Limit games is harmful
(59:42) Joey talks about Doug spreading awareness of poker, cash games
(1:00:30) Matt says Doug's LATB clips were long on critique, short on solutions
(1:02:50) Matt Berkey's relatives look just like he does, nephew talk
(1:06:09) Joey missed Tony Robbins event, was uploading Deep Thoughts on YouTube
(1:11:12) What Matt learned from recent conference featuring Tony Robbins
(1:12:31) Mental health, supression of creativity
(1:14:39) Solve for Why acadamey
(1:18:11) The "Young Prince" Fedor Holz
(1:19:47) Matt Berkey's plans for rest of 2017
(1:24:34) Joey Ingram's recent and upcoming YouTube content
(1:24:55) Adderall, caffeine and other substances that affect brain activity
(1:29:24) Outro