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Matt Berkey Is Back On The Podcast

May 16, 2019

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Matt Berkey is BACK on the Poker Life Podcast to talk about how he is preparing to play a full 2019 World Series Of Poker Schedule.


3:00 Live at the Bike and Poker After Dark


6:28 Giving Back to Recs

7:10 Shoutout to Israeli Ron

8:00 Negreanu’s Masterclass

10:30 Chip Tells

11:35 Matt’s Tournament Schedule

12:30-13:04 Money in the WSOP

13:30 Berkey vs Foxen

15:45 Meeting Kristen Bicknell in 2003

17:30 Berkey’s Thoughts in the Poker World (Tournaments and Cash Games)

20:50 Berkey’s bracelet thoughts

24:30 Bonomo Mixing it Up

26:30 Power of Twitter (Strawberry vs Grape) Opinions

49:00 Lack of Coordination in Poker Media

57:00 Combatting Narratives

1:00:00 Calling out People Elegantly

1:07:30 Poker Police on Twitter

1:14:05 Authority Figures

1:16:00 Berkey SHOUTOUTS
1:19:30 Vertucci vs Berkey

1:24:00 The Martin vs Garrett Hand

1:40:00 Content for Clicks (Vlogs) included

1:54:00 “Tryhards”

1:55:30 Million Dollar Cash Game

2:00:00 “The Grind”

More Shoutouts

2:04:00 Barry and Attractive Women

2:08:00 Berkey’s Take on Pornography and Being Disciplined (2:08:00)

2:14:00 Supporting Friends

2:18:00 WSOP Prep

2:26:00 Tournament Mistakes

2:28:00 Cash Game Mistakes

2:30:30 Berkey/Negreanu/Jungleman OOL?

2:34:00 Christian Soto Review (and Dressing well)

2:38:00 Rio Parking

2:42:00 6 Max DREAM SCENARIO

2:46:00 Midstakes vs High Stakes Grinders

2:48:00 The folding full house hand

2:51:30 Poker and Life

2:52:45 Christian Soto Graph

2:54:00 Lowest and Highest Tournament Berkey has Played
2:55:00 Being backed and bankroll

2:58:30 Markup

3:05:00 Actionable Advice

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