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Jonathan Bales (Fantasy Labs) || DFS Week!

September 13, 2016
Timestamps Below! Jonathan Bales is my guest on the podcast today as we continue DFS Week. Jonathan is a former poker player turned DFS professional who has written many great DFS books and also helped to found Fantasy Labs is one of the most respected websites in the industry at the moment for people who want to do better at DFS. 

Recent Article in Success magazine about Bales:

3:34 brief introduction
19:18 main focus
24:09 MLB weather strat
25:55 NFL approach
28:27 sharing strategy
40:15 NFL hints
49:09 mediafying DFS
58:55 DFS content
1:10:46 Success Magazine article
1:18:07 DFS ecosystem
1:30:47 sportsbetting
1:33:25 imaginary DFS changes
1:41:17 coaching
1:43:44 Playboy mansion


7:48 benefits to workout
11:05 (hard)work – reward
34:02 developer strat
44:19 qualifiers
53:29 numbers – popularity relation
56:46 don't focus on the short term (monies)
1:04:14 community engagement
1:26:43 long-term maximising


35:34 author is always right
38:35 fun player GTnO
1:29:41 overrated DFS players