The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Jason Mercier

August 17, 2016
2:00 Jason Mercier's WSOP bracelet bets
7:00 How prop bets help Jason maintain focus
9:00 Did prop bet affect Jason's play when seeking 3rd 2016 bracelet?
12:00 Mercier or Holz -- who had better summer?
13:00 Jason's $1.8m prop bet with Vanessa Selbst
19:00 David Hill's poker writeup on Bill Simmons' The Ringer
22:00 Jason Mercier ESPN interview with Dan Le Batard & Stugotz
25:00 Annie Duke, the "Poker Pro"
31:00 The Poker Dream, Risk of Addition/Degen Tendencies
33:00 Poker versus social games with micro-transaction revenue generation method
36:52 Doug Polk "Bad Reg" comments -- Jason's shoot reaction

(37:40) "First of all I have to thank him because like, he just lit a fire under me and I decided I was going to make a few million this summer. So thank you, Doug.

Besides that, I don't know if he actually believes that I'm not that good or whatever it is. I felt like when he actually did it, it was some sort of ploy or marketing thing where he's just trying to get more viewers, trying to see if he could start something with me... whatever. And I fell for it, took the bait, and 

40:00 How shit-talking helps poker players get motivated
43:00 Doug Polk & Jason Mercier seated together at SHRB
45:00 Jason's online poker career before fame (2007)
53:00 Off-kilter invented poker games
59:00 Options, planning for wedding, etc.
1:02:00 Proposal to Natasha Barbour on-stream at WSOP
1:08:00 Poker relationships
1:10:00 Value of being resilient in poker and relationships
1:12:00 Jason's future. How does he stay motivated for upcoming EPT/WCOOP?
1:15:00 Will Jason take more of his own action now?
1:19:00 Jason is content living in Canada
1:21:00 8-Game Power Rankings for PokerStars?
1:22:00 Jason vs Gus Hansen at end of WSOP. Gus Hansen = Action
1:25:00 2016 One Drop Extravaganza
1:27:00 Jason Mercier Basketball
1:29:00 Jason's dog at the Rio. His name is "Marshmallow"  "He's a champion."
1:31:00 The trappings of fame
1:34:00 Has Jason ever been cheated at gambling? How to avoid.
1:35:00 David Viffer stories?
1:36:00 Jungleman stories. Jason saw Cates throw cards in Dmitri's face (Limit Omaha in Australia)
1:39:00 What people inspire Jason Mercier?
1:40:00 Michael Phelps = Beast -- 2016 Summer Olympics
1:41:00 Podcasts, Who does Jason think Joey should invite?
1:44:00 Jason might go sweat the November 9 b/c he has action. Upcoming wedding before Thanksgiving. Might go to Prague, then restart everything again in Bahamas 2017 PCA.
1:45:00 Instagram: realjasonmercier  Social Media
1:46:00 Liv Boeree will be on Podcast this Friday