The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Ike Haxton aka Hollywood Haxton (Live From PCA)

January 21, 2016
The time has finally come for the one and only Ike Haxton aka Hollywood Haxton to join me on the podcast down at the PCA in the Bahamas. Me and Ike discuss his recent resignation from Pokerstars, switching over to play Pot Limit Omaha and much much more. 


1:25 The Dream Machine
2:11 Pokerstars VIP Changes
5:15 Relocation from Malta to Vancouver
10:42 Resigning from Pokerstars
21:21 Live Poker Scene
25:00 How Igor gets his money 
26:44 NoelHayes/Hastings Incident 
37:00 Hollywood the FEMINIST 
40:04 Value of Sponsored Players 
47:22 Twitch/Coaching Videos
56:08 Burning Men
1:02:31 Joe Rogan Podcast Experience 
1:08:29 UBER Nosebleed Live Cash Games
1:11:11 Durr Allegedly Locked Up In a Cage
1:16:08 The SECRET of Poker
1:19:15 Isildur Allegedly the Best HU Player
1:25:13 GTO Shoes/Fashion/Women
1:45:47 PLO The Greatest Game
1:53:33 Esfandiari Pee "Bucket" Incident/General Pee Bottle GTO
2:01:22 Propbet GTO
2:12:17 PAPI Impression
2:17:06 Chess GTO
2:19:51 The History of the Hollywood Glasses
2:28:17 Hottest People in Poker Power Rankings
2:39:11 Mixgame GTO
2:44:05 GPL Ideas
2:55:13 Life GTO Problems
3:03:40 Hollywoods Agent
3:12:30 Ivey aka the Bigtime Trolling Endboss
3:16:15 Odd Oddsen Drunk Vegas Incident