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Has Doug Polk Lost The Love For Poker???

April 10, 2018

Thanks to David Huber for these GTO Timestamps!!

TIMESTAMPS (approximate)

(0:00) Intro, Corona sponsorship, PLO Lab
(1:53) White socks aren't a thing?
(3:00) Doug Polk the YouTube celebrity, ongoing projects
(4:43) Poker is a relatively small space, slowed YouTube channel growth
(11:48) Doug's new cryptocurrency site CoinCentral
(16:43) Joey and Doug talk about cryptocurrency industry
(18:26) Proliferation of virtual currencies in poker
(20:01) Papi pimps 27 million bonus crypto videos, PolkCoin
(23:00) Pot Limit Omaha discussion, PLO popularity vs. No Limit Hold'em
(23:53) Fernando Habegger @JNandez87 PLO Lab, solvers
(26:02) How does Joey feel about PLO solver scrutiny?
(27:45) Phil Hellmuth GOAT? Upswing White Magic Lab?
(30:33) King of The Hill 3 preview -- live stream starts Wednesday 6:00pm Eastern Time
(33:30) GTO Blonde hair & heads-up prop bets
(34:14) Doug's brother Elliott Polk debuts on Twitch
(35:00) Twitch live streaming can be extremely draining
(38:30) Importance of being #1 in Twitch category directory
(39:00) Current big name Twitch Poker streamers
(40:30) YouTube Poker discussion
(45:30) Politics discussion. Papi for Secretary of Energy?
(49:00) Doug's hypothetical political aspirations
(49:30) Tom Dwan/Dan Bilzerian clickbait potential in politics
(51:00) Viewer shout-outs
(56:00) Stupid fk'n channels making stupid fk'n content
(56:30) Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu run-in at Golden Knights hockey game
(58:00) "Double-A" Alec Torelli surprised Papi at 2017 American Poker Awards
(59:30) Poker personality glad-handing
(1:02:00) Joey's channel has higher percentage of winning players vs. Doug's
(1:03:30) What has Joey been up to lately?
(1:07:00) Doug's recent YouTube content churn didn't result in expected growth
(1:09:00) Doug's YouTube content collaboration with @SrslySirius (Thomas Keeling)
(1:11:00) Doug's traveling commitments have absorbed his time
(1:12:00) Jaime Staples to overtake Douglas K. Polk?
(1:14:00) Content creation quality vs. quantity, creative independence
(1:15:30) Learning as you go, constant adaptation is necessary in poker space
(1:18:00) Doug had "most profitable year" in 2017, money isn't everything though
(1:19:30) PokerStars, politics, corporate shilling, plus money & happiness
(1:22:00) Doug is a workaholic, both he and Joey somewhat miss full-time poker grind
(1:23:00) The "magic" of old-school poker competition, JNandez quote + Sammy Farha
(1:26:00) Poker content creation ideas, PokerGO's lovebird programming
(1:30:00) Balancing poker giveaway, marketing and affiliate outreach
(1:31:30) UK Supreme Court rules against Phil Ivey, "dishonesty" & "cheating"
(1:33:00) PokerStars Power Up, Team Pro stroke-shilling
(1:37:00) Veteran players have lost faith in PokerStars
(1:38:30) ToS, PokerStars Chests and becoming compromised
(1:40:00) Upcoming Live at the Bike streams in November
(1:43:00) Poker Central should have made Joey the star of "Chasing Hearts"
(1:44:00) Major Wager hosted by Joey Ingram on PokerGO, show has writers
(1:45:00) Doug Polk vs. Ryan Fee heads-up?
(1:47:00) Doug got "boned" in Thursday PokerGO game
(1:49:00) Lineup issues in high stakes games, Tom Dwan no-show 2 out of 3 days
(1:51:00) High stakes televised poker vs. smaller stakes programming
(1:53:00) No-showing a TV poker event has zero consequences for cast members
(1:55:00) Doug officially retired from poker?
(1:56:00) Poker Night King of The Hill 3 starts tonight
(1:57:00) Pot Limit Omaha struggles in TV setting, Joey crushed
(1:58:00) The televised poker dream -- Papi, Polk & Dwan
(1:59:30) Luke Schwartz discussion, Jake Abdalla tee-shirt design
(2:02:00) Even Doug/Joey/Negreanu matchup wouldn't boost PLO past NLHE on TV
(2:05:30) Pot Limit Omaha is un-American? Joey and Doug debate.
(2:13:30) Doug shares off topic story from high school
(2:16:30) Politics
(2:18:00) King of The Hill 3 at 6pm ET, Fernando Habegger podcast tomorrow
(2:20:00) Outro