The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Guest Andrew Neeme

April 12, 2019

The Poker Life podcast is back this week starting off w/ Poker VLOG God Andrew Neemee. Garrett Adelstein will be on the show this Thursday. I'll also be playing on Poker After Dark $25/$50 PLO this week on PokerGo Monday & Tuesday at 6pm EST


TIMESTAMPS (0:00) Intro, Andrew Neeme -- Global Poker Awards "Vlogger of The Year" (1:29) 2019 Global Poker Awards commentary (6:03) Andrew says sponsorship & venue concerns may have hindered the actual GPA show (8:26) The origins of the Poker Life Podcast (Pot Limit Omaha focus) (9:28) Suggestions for future poker awards processes and shows (12:12) Discussing the Randall Emmett poker experience (13:40) Popularity of Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen Meet Up Games (MUGs) (18:10) MUG event at Maryland Live! casino attracted 22 tables of poker players (22:12) Feedback that Andrew and Brad have received from casinos regarding MUGs (22:26) Taboos associated with filming on the gaming floor (24:13) Balancing responsibilities of vlogging, MUGs, fan outreach, dealing with casinos, etc (27:10) What motivates Andrew Neeme professionally at this point? (29:50) Fans are currently demanding MUGs in their local area (31:13) A few poker personalities have risen in recent years due to self-promotion efforts (32:51) Andrew Neeeme believes poker player popularity will still be based on"meritocracy" (34:06) New poker personalities are definitely more approachable than the "old guard," says Neeme (34:51) Exchanging vlog tips for PLO tips (37:08) Explaining the "Poker Sasha" PLO strategy theory (38:31) Discussion about the "industry-wide" PLO scene (40:25) How the Poker Life Podcast evolved once Papi moved from Indiana to Las Vegas (42:28) How high of a priority does Andrew place on different elements of his responsibilities? (44:13) What about content other than poker? (47:42) Brad Owen YouTube channel growth (49:44) Andrew's YouTube video that focused on fellow vlogger Marle Cordeiro (51:25) Why people NEED Las Vegas tips (53:11) Why Carl Trooper deserves a poker vlogger "lifetime achievement" award (53:43) More Las Vegas tips (bars, restaurants) Carl Trooper Las Vegas "coffee shop" tips (56:28) Patented Poker Life Podcast "Papi Shoutouts" (58:12) Papi's $25/$50 PLO game on Poker After Dark (Phil Galfond will be in the booth) (59:55) Poker live streams, adjusting strategy when live streaming (1:03:21) Live streams and booze (1:04:11) What's an attainable winrate for different games in Las Vegas? (1:06:56) How to move up stakes as a poker pro (1:11:03) Private poker games discussion, how Las Vegas is "embracing" private games now (1:13:52) Industry-created "high hand" bonuses and "jackpot" poker games (1:14:23) Phil Galfond, Run It Once Poker, streamR program, and "Splash The Pot" feature (1:15:54) Why continuing to promote old-school poker personalities is important (1:18:55) Papi's dating mindset has changed in last 2 months -- now considering "settling down" (1:21:38) The importance of putting people at ease when conversating (1:25:49) Viewer questions, upcoming podcasts, Brad Owen vlogging skills (1:27:27) "Mr. Beast" YouTube channel and content, Casey Neistat and Jaman Burton appreciation (1:29:58) What's the best way to identify "leaks" in one's game? (1:34:34) Andrew Neeme's upcoming MUG schedule, Run It Up Reno, and other commitments (1:36:27) Social media followers -- watch Joey Ingram on Poker After Dark TONIGHT on PokerGO (1:37:26) Instagram and Instagram Stories (1:39:01) Conclusion, upcoming Poker Life Podcast conversations, future collaboration possibilities