The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Fedor Holz #6

July 27, 2016
7:00 Super High Roller Bowl
10:00 backing SHRB winner
14:00 Fedor's summer run
19:00 What percentage did Fedor have of himself?
22:00 WSOP grind is exhausting
25:00 Fedor retiring from poker?
29:00 Hourly rates and 1 year hiatus
30:30 Pressure of commitments
32:30 Opportunities for Fedor
39:20 Poker & PEDs
40:00 Happy 23rd Birthday, Fedor!
41:10 Do people treat Fedor differently b/c of success?
50:00 Comparisons to Dan Colman
50:50 Difficult to trust people now?
56:35 Fedor is 5'10" or 5'11"
57:10 How are women treating Fedor?
60:00 Social media engagement "waitbutwhy" article
63:00 Who in poker comes across as genuine?
67:00 Fedor Holz 2016 Big One for One Drop coaching pitch
68:00 #1 GPI Ranking and its significance to Fedor
77:00 Influence of Elliot Roe Skype Hypnosis on Fedor
81:00 Donnie Peters calling Fedor "overrated"
85:00 Fedor Live blowup
91:00 Coolering Joe McKeehen
97:00 Story behind "CrownUpGay" screen name
100:00 Fedor Bots (Euros superior to American poker players?)
105:30 Rapid-fire Twitter questions
108:15 German poker scene
111:10 Recommended reading
115:00 $50/$100 online cash games
120:50 Pokemon GO
124:00 Why doesn't Fedor play PLO?
126:00 No-porn prop bets. Prawn effects on brain.
135:00 Papi commits rest of 2016 w/o masturbation. Fedor spots 3-to-1
139:00 Papi puts up $3k to Fedor's $9k. Bet booked.
142:00 Fedor offers Papi immediate buyout of $2.8k. Papi starts looking up Directory to get a girlfriend asap.
144:00 Continued prop bet discussion
148:30 Papi and Fedor brainstorm future Poker Life Podcast guests
150:10 Social media shout-outs & wrap-up
152:00 Fedor's plans in the near future