The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Doug Polk Is BACK Firing Shots All Around

April 19, 2019

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 START 0:28 Intro 1:50 upcoming podcast guests 2:30 Doug's weight loss 3:50 Content grind and burnout 4:54 Counting calories vs Working out and overall Fitness/health 7:15 Doug's Vids 8:40 Freedom and traveling 10:00 Hit the Poker Ceiling 10:59 Doug Shoutouts 12:15 VR Poker quick thoughts 13:30 Joey returns and talks about Cocaine 14:20 The GPI awards 18:30 Where is Doug traveling 19:22 Fake Positive people's personas 26:20 Johnnie Vibes/Poker markup 38:30 Poker Vlogs 45:20 Social Media/Instagram content 48:39 back to vlogs/vloggers and what we idolize in poker 55:10 F*** the pros - what is poker about 57:30 Future of Online and Live Poker (BOTS) 59:20 Phil Nagy (ACR CEO) podcast and ACR bots 1:07:10 Bots possibly sharing cards in PLO / Weird hands/trends 1:10:24 Ryan Fee and playing poker 1:12:18 NLH vs THE GREAT GAME of PLO 1:16:40 What makes a game better than others 1:18:00 back to vlogs / Johnnie Vibes 1:19:40 Marle 1:20:40 shoutouts 1:23:07 ASMR 1:23:50 Charlie Carrel and controversial topics / F*** GTO 1:29:40 How Doug plays and teaches poker; GTO vs Exploitative 1:32:30 Why Doug doesn't see value in debating Charlie Carrel 1:34:55 Game of Thrones 1:39:33 Conspiracy theories 1:41:09 Cat incident (played in wrong tournament) 1:45:40 how Joey asks questions 1:47:40 Drugs in Poker (weed/addy) 1:49:00 What's new in Poker? How positive and negative stories compare 1:52:20 Poker Streaming (ALLINPAV crushing) 1:54:20 Ziigmund making out on Antonius stream 1:55:40 Garrett Adelstein - wanting to be the best at your hobbies/career 1:58:40 What does Doug have planned to do next? 2:00:00 DID I MENTION THE GIVEAWAY!? / Upswing Poker 2:02:10 Making money in the content space 2:06:10 Fight Videos/Breakdowns 2:08:40 Making Videos in other spaces-- dealing with hate comments 2:12:50 Trying not to upset people and wanting everyone to like you 2:16:50 OOL discussions on the Pod 2:00:20 Luke Schwartz bad mouthing Doug on the Pod 2:24:00 Mending Fences with people / Refusing to admit wrongness 2:27:20 Pretending to be butterflies ending the pod