The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Doug Polk

May 16, 2017

TIMESTAMPS (0:00) Intro – Doug in Vancouver for 2017 SCOOP (2:25) Update on Luke Schwartz’ recent PokerNews interview (6:30) Heads-up match between Doug & Luke will “never happen” (9:10) Poker Content – Information vs. Drama (13:10) Doug’s ability in NLHE vs. PLO (16:20) “Poker Pro” and “Poker Entertainer” are two different skill sets (17:40) #InstagramPoker a “weird” place? (19:10) Some Instagram personalities are “faking it” (20:10) Chips + Hole Cards + Naked Women = Instagram Success (21:25) Recent Poker Night in America Choctaw drama (29:30) “Positive” things in poker – Doug’s SCOOP streaming plans (30:50) May 22nd “MTT Master Class” with Pratyush Buddiga (33:50) Joey learns that Doug isn’t transitioning from cash games to MTTs (35:00) Doug in the market for new Lamborghini? (36:40) “Busto Lambo” vs. “Baller Lambo” (37:50) Tai Lopez shout-out (38:10) Doug & Joey talk about Kevin Hart signing with PokerStars (41:15) Poker 2017 – the good stuff (43:50) Daniel Negreanu discussion (45:50) DNegs “extremely mad” about a dissent in the ranks? (46:40) Doug shows off shout-out game – Ryan Meese love (48:20) h3h3 Productions & Pewdiepie mentions (49:00) Doug & Joey beatboxing next YouTube sensation? (50:30) Doug’s YouTube channel will reach 100,000 subscribers soon (52:10) Achieving satisfaction in life (53:45) Reinventing the Dunder Mifflin paper company may not result in success (55:05) Doug & Joey give some love to Daniel Negreanu (56:30) Patented Doug Polk dance move – The “Hip Bump” (57:50) Doug Polk pickup lessons (58:40) Joey demonstrates how to do the Doug Polk Hip Bump (1:00:30) More Upswing Poker courses on the way – Dating courses on hold (for now) (1:01:10) Joey torn between PLO and picking up women (1:02:05) Questions from live chat (1:05:10) More to life than viewers and subscribers? (1:06:00) Joey offers NBA-guest prop bet for Poker Life Podcast (1:08:05) Doug & Joey $2,000 USD prop bet booked (1:09:50) Doug’s Twitch streaming schedule for SCOOP – DougPolk.TV (1:10:20) Invest in Doug on StakeKings (1:12:45) Doug shoots on YouTube Poker “travesty” – the GPL video (1:15:15) Things Doug will “never do” (1:16:30) Doug relives Jason Mercier drama (1:17:50) Doug talks about Ben86 – Joey wants the dispute to get fixed (1:18:45) Doug relives LATB, Ben Limon podcast drama (1:22:45) Doug talks about Joey’s ability to “walk the line” (1:24:40) How the BGG originated (1:25:20) Snapchat vs. Instagram (1:26:30) Joey’s “Instagram Stories” audience is 100:1 men-to-women (1:28:00) Doug’s main focus will remain on Upswing Poker and YouTube (1:29:00) Joey shows off old-school Supernova Elite card (1:29:30) Doug talks about shift in strategy following Black Friday (1:30:20) Doug’s focus from now until 2019 (1:32:05) Doug wants to give “mainstream YouTube” a shot (1:32:35) Doug also wants to do stand-up comedy eventually (1:33:05) Thomas “SrslySirius” Keeling shout-out (1:33:50) Doug’s favorite YouTube video is his clip about the GPL (1:35:20) How does Doug respond to negative comments? (1:37:10) Should Doug copy Jimmie Stayplerz’ hairstyle? Swoop it to the side! (1:37:20) More live chat questions (1:38:40) Doug wants to get into politics eventually (1:41:10) President Polker? (1:42:00) Doug battles #RoundLife, down 10 pounds so far (1:44:30) Doug’s WSOP 2017 plans (1:47:10) Joey’s YouTube plans (1:48:00) STFU Jim? (1:48:30) OMFG it’s Jason!!!!!!1111oneoneeleven (1:49:50) #F*ckJim (1:51:50) Joey cuts a promo on Jim (1:52:15) Things Ben86 would say (about Jim) (1:52:35) Joey knows math (thanks to Jim) (1:53:45) Jim is welcome over at DougPolkPoker (1:54:30) Joey is GTO with his trolling range (1:55:30) Joey extends “special offer” to those who purchase Upswing’s MTT Master Class (1:56:30) Joey’s promotional efforts for Upswing’s PLO course featuring Fernando Habegger (1:57:20) The drawbacks of uninspired affiliate marketing, Twitch streamers (1:58:40) Chicago weather to blame for Joey’s sniffles? (2:01:50) Joey trolls WSOP tournament package pimping – StakeDraft @ 1.4 markup (2:02:45) Upswing MTT Master Class will cost $699 USD – available May 22nd (2:04:00) Joey advises Doug on sales pitch to backers (2:05:00) Joey’s QE4 live cardroom stable-backing plan (2:05:45) Conversation about Joey’s GTO Club (2:08:30) Doug talks about yesteryear’s $1.1 million session loss to Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (2:10:20) Doug’s thoughts on Phil Galfond’s RunItOnce Poker (2:12:35) Doug’s PokerStars Snapchat post – spin a wheel for money (2:14:50) Are PokerStars Spin & Gos crack cocaine? (2:16:50) Upswing Party at WSOP 2017 could draw 1,000 people – #FreeDrinks (2:20:15) Upcoming Mori Eskandani, Dan Colman & Aria SHRB Poker Life Podcast episodes (2:21:30) Watch DougPolk.TV starting this Sunday for 2017 SCOOP coverage