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Doug Polk

May 2, 2017

Doug Polk is back on the podcast to discuss the 500k scam story aka YayoGate , Dan Bilzerian playing HU and the video Doug made about it, the current Bot challenge the humans are playing, announcing Cate Hall vs Mike Dentale HU, crushing YouTube, Table Talk and more :D

2p2 500k Story

Thanks to David Huber over at Upswing Poker for the timestamps and to stop the people in comments from crying (this is meant as a joke, calm down people crying about this comment about crying) :D

(0:00) Introduction
(3:10) #Yayogate commentary
(15:50) Fake news Charlie Tuna shout-out
(24:10) Doug’s comments on Dan Bilzerian get mainstream distribution
(33:00) Doug’s experiences with ACR
(35:30) Doug reiterates concerns about unenforceable operator rules
(37:30) YouTube Poker is attracting loads of casual fans
(38:32) Doug reveals YouTube channel viewership demographics
(39:30) PokerStars’ marketing efforts interrupted by ‘Dan Polk’ reference
(45:25) Bill Perkins love
(50:20) Poker news versus mainstream news
(51:25) Bot Challenge (Poker Pros vs. Carnegie-Mellon University)
(1:00:00) Big name personalities making a mark on poker?
(1:01:45) Cate Hall vs. Mike Dentale Showdown
(1:07:10) Old-school HU4ROLZ poker challenges
(1:15:30) Recent EPT Prague live stream n00b comments
(1:18:00) Why Doug doesn’t place ads in his videos
(1:19:00) YouTube analytics — graphs are GTO
(1:20:30) More statistics on Doug’s YouTube channel
(1:21:30) Whatever happened to Table Talk?
(1:25:33) Doug’s content is receiving a genuine “pop” on YouTube
(1:26:10) Twitch vs. YouTube + “Rise of the Vlog”
(1:29:28) Cardrooms and poker vloggers
(1:35:10) Thoughts on Twitch Poker potential
(1:38:00) Rekful Twitch streams and high-dollar PLO swongs
(1:39:40) Patented Papi shout-outs
(1:42:00) Upswing Poker content gets some love
(1:42:18) 2017 American Poker Awards
(1:43:55) Fake #RaiseIt campaign in the works?
(1:48:40) Doug shares Phil Hellmuth story
(1:53:20) The art of complaining and its uselessness in poker
(1:55:50) Background story of Doug and Joey’s friendship
(2:01:30) Why you shouldn’t be afraid of failure
(2:02:30) Wrap-up

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