The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Doug Polk

August 1, 2016

TIMESTAMPS: Doug Polk Poker Life Podcast -- July 29, 2016

1:00 Intro & Upcoming Podcast guests
3:10 Doug Polk's summer recap
5:00 2016 WSOP Tag Team Champions
8:20 MTT Bad Regs
9:05 Joey & Doug's interactions with fans -- promoting poker
13:50 Doug Polk's future plans
15:20 Polker News weekly cast for 2+2
16:10 Old-school PartyPoker $25/$50 cash games & NLHE Heads Up King of The Hill system
17:00 Doug gives his views on several online poker sites
20:00 PLO (4 cards!) vs NLHE
21:20 "Rake is way more brutal in PLO" & concerns about bots
22:00 Poker getting tougher. Which poker formats & venues are still beatable?
25:50 Comparing today's poker landscape to the good ol' days
27:55 Old-school online poker fish like Tian "wobbly_au" Shou

34:30 Aaron "aejones" Jones (current DFS endboss) stories

37:45 Online poker in the United States
40:20 Which countries have the best/worst poker players?
42:20 Fedor Holz comparison to Dan Colman
45:00 Tom Dwan spotted in Las Vegas this summer
46:00 The Tom Dwan scam
51:10 Poker run-good
52:30 Tom Dwan online ROFL-stomped by Viktom Blom for $4m+. Blom lost that money to Brian Hastings
53:40 Will super-nosebleed high stakes online action happen again?
54:40 Doug Polk competitive gaming background
56:55 Upswing Poker inception -- content methodology & outreach
58:10 President Doug Polk for President in 2032?
58:30 Joey & Doug's role in the poker community
60:40 Equity & valuation of becoming "poker personality"
64:30 Doug's upcoming Bankroll Challenge & upcoming projects
66:00 GTO Snapchat strategy discussion
73:45 Politics & #pokertwitter -- shoot on recent KidPoker tweets
75:10 Old-school DNegs YouTube video works
77:15 Negreanu Twitter polls
79:30 Online poker in U.S. Regulated vs. Unregulated poker sites
81:00 Americas Cardroom vs. Bovada
82:10 The life of joeingram1 -- No Masturbation Prop Bet with Fedor Holz
83:40 Papi's plans to do exclusive Upswing Poker content
85:30 How prop bets are great for personal motivation

* Featured Discussion *

86:00 Handicapping Doug Polk $100-$10k Bankroll Challenge 

99:40 Rapid-fire Twitter fan questions
101:50 Upswing Poker cross-promotional efforts with Twitch Poker streamers
104:20 Outro -- Keeping Up with The Pokers Ep. #3 (Joey Ingram & AdrianFeniXx)

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105:30 "Shout-out to the Majestic Star by the way... that is not the place you want to ****ing go."