The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

David Williams (Masterchef & Poker)

September 24, 2016

David Williams is my guest on this episode. David recently finished in the top 3 on the reality television show Masterchef. Masterchef is a cooking competition that airs on Fox. He is also known in the poker world for finishing 2nd in the 2004 WSOP Main Event to Greg Raymer. He has also been sponsored my Bodog and Pokerstars over the years. I really enjoyed this episode because David is a sick GTO storyteller. It wasn't quite the back and forth that I like to have during these podcasts but I didn't mind. 

Stories include going on a near million dollar swing playing PLO in Bobbys room (49:31), allegations made that he let Harrington play on his Pokerstars account (1:26:21), meeting Viffer (41:09), having his Audi stolen (2:12:02) and more. Some very good wisdom and insight is discussed. 
I cut out some of the best of clips and uploaded them on my YouTube for people who don't want to listen to the entire thing. 

0:46 introduction

1:47 Masterchef TV show
12:01 hater / trolls interactions
59:13 hater / trolls interactions
14:41 rigged shopping baskets
17:04 Masterchef GTO

38:02 parenting

43:55 WSOP 2016
49:31 nosebleeds PLO story (0.5/1k)
55:53 Antonio Esfandiari

1:01:07 single father life

1:03:58 Rosters – DFS startup

1:13:29 basketball

1:21:23 Doug Polk / Ben86 incident
1:26:21 PCA online mixed games incident
1:36:34 online poker (in the US)

1:41:37 divorce
1:44:44 alleged porn career
1:50:37 nTOS substances
1:59:46 future book / movie unknown story

2:02:27 Magic disqualification

2:28:13 future TV career
2:42:43 poker sponsorships

2:37:59 beard / hair GTO

2:40:42 reality – simulation
2:42:47 spacecamp travelling

2:48:03 podcast history / GTO

2:56:43 WSOP runner up 2004
3:00:19 PLO MTTs


33:26 fear of failure
36:02 do it for yourself (not for the haters)
45:49 live in the moment
54:46 chasing high scores / losses
1:42:20 happiness – change
2:26:25 taking responsibilities 


39:42 uninstallation of the stripper pole
41:09 first meet up with VIFFER (SMD)
1:54:46 drugged story
2:12:02 stolen A7 story
2:45:11 drake double