The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Dan Colman

April 15, 2016
Dan Colman aka mrGR33N13 is a long time online player who specializes in Heads-UP Sit'N'Gos in the hyper, turbo and regular speed format online. He is also known for winning the Big One for One Drop in 2014 for 15.3mm USD (not bad). In this episode we talk about the degenerate route he took to becoming a high stakes regular, his love for punishment, why he hasn't been playing much poker in the past year, and much more. I think that many peoples opinion on Dan has changed after watching this episode and it is a really good look into his mindset. If you read these descriptions and they factor in on your decision to watch the episode or continue to watch when you feel a lull in action and say "okay fuck this, NEXT" as your ADHD kicks in and the Onto The Next one culture of the new millenniumkicks in please let me know so that I am more inclined to include these type of forewords (no idea if this is proper usage) in future episode description boxes. If you read this and you thought, "I got no interest in listening to what these people have to say" then also please let me know by using the comment box, on twitter or on stalkbook. I would like to now name this episode, I will name it, A Look Into the Mind of a Man who has Every option at his disposal but is undecided where to head next (With random words of the title capitalized). Thank you, much love, and God Bless!
That description was meant for YouTube only but I felt inclined to include to all the papis and fuckbois and stalkers who watch these on ITUNES. I got this one up in less than 24 hours!!!! We are turning a new leaf on the amount of turnover on getting these up here. I know how fucking annoying it is to listen to these on YouTube when you are on an iPhone. Shout out to you and shout out to me.