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Charlie Synder aka Chuck!

October 27, 2016
Earlier this year I drove to Akron in Ohio to play in a poker game that would be streamed on Twitch because I really wanted to see my friend Adrian Fenix. Playing in the game with us was an older gentleman named Charlie Snyder that was super smiley and really enjoyable to chat with.

We all went out to eat after the game and Chuck started telling us stories from his adventures sports betting/life in general. Over the next couple months Chuck was really supportive of the content I was creating and took the time to send me messages at times that really helped to boost my energy levels. I got a chance to meet up with him and his daughter while in Vegas for the WSOP and that was one of my favorite moments of the summer.

I've been telling him that I wanted to get him on my podcast and finally tonight we are going to make it happen.

It should be a really fun conversation that is different than most of my podcasts and I look forward to some fun stories :D



1:30 first meeting
4:17 teenage lifestyle

12:26 poker life
20:24 watching / learning from better players
22:04 poker on air PLO game vs Joey
28:33 opening up the nitty poker approach

38:18 married / family life
46:07 positivity in life

1:02:25 (poker)life advice


6:32 betting on favourites
11:00 the grind
22:04 challenging better players
46:07 positivity in life
55:12 life approach - wisdom
56:29 surround yourself with a supportive network

58:18 PGs shout out

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