The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Adrian Fenix

May 2, 2017

Adrian is back on the podcast to share his wisdom with the world.

The audio is a bit out of sync on my end for some people and I tried to fix it throughout the podcast. I'm using a new setup here and I'm not quite GTO with figuring out this tilting delay!!! AHHHH


2:31 transitioning to PLO
14:13 “love” relationships
21:53 online PLO
27:03 daily routine
33:18 twitch
45:24 upcoming challenges
54:40 social media
1:12:33 party / alcohol impacts
1:34:52 DFS
1:49:39 auditing - productivity


6:10 learning
10:33 time management
47:54 working towards goals
1:02:13 value your time
1:16:43 habits (negativity)
1:43:42 working on (not against) your situation


1:41:59 bang bang LA poker