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Devon Larratt | Arm Wrestling World Champion | Podcast

Devon Larratt | Arm Wrestling World Champion | Podcast

May 11, 2019

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Devon Larratt is one of the baddest men on the planet and one of the top arm wrestlers in the entire world. I've been watching his matches, videos, and YouTube content over the past half year and is by far one of my favorite athletes out there. We reached out to him on Instagram to get him on the podcast and here we are now. Super fucking excited for this one. 0:00: Introduction 5:20: Intro to Arm Wrestling (Starting weight, cutting, etc.) 14:00 Arm Wrestling as a recognized sport 15:00: Devon Getting into Arm Wrestling 17:30: Accepting Victories and Defeats 19:45: Arm Wrestling Strats! 28:30: Arm Wrestling Theatrics 41:30: Devon’s YT Content 47:00: Poker on Tours 49:00: Sacrifices and Selfishness 51:45: Rematch With #1 in the World 53:00-60:00 WATCH THIS 1:01:00: Sports and What it’s Given to Devon 1:07:00 Shoutout to Devon’s Wife (Strength of Fans and Support) 1:09:00: Arm Wrestling Teachings 1:15:00: Outro

Lex Veldhuis On Overcoming Mental Health Issues

Lex Veldhuis On Overcoming Mental Health Issues

May 2, 2019

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Lex Veldhuis is a long time poker player and one of the most successful poker streamers in the industry right now. He currently streams regularly on Twitch to thousands of people while pursuing poker excellence in the tournament format. Lex is a fan favorite of the podcast and someone I've known for a long time. Very happy to have him back on.

0:00-3:45: Introduction

3:45-9:00: Twitch Audience and Understanding Viewership

9:00-14:00: Stream Grind vs Twitch Grind (ex. Playing high roller tournaments with NO HUD)

14:00-18:00: Streaming When Downswinging

18:00-21:25: Competitive Mindset and Emotions

21:25-30:10: Competition Between Twitch Streamers + No Days Off Mentality

30:10-42:00: UFC + Pokerstars Deal

42:00-44:30: Lex Documentary???

44:30-53:45: PokerStars Streamers Going to PartyPoker

53:45-1:15:00: Pokerstars Rake Situation

1:15:00-1:20:00: The State of Tournaments

1:20:00-1:26:00: Lex’s Goals (Top 10 Streamer)

1:26:00-1:48:15: Lex’s Stress and Health

1:48:15-1:51:00: Lex’s “Purpose”

1:51:00-2:00:00: Toxic Chats

2:00:00-2:14:00: Tournament Strategy

2:14:00-2:18:00: Intrinsic Motivation

2:18:00-2:38:00: Tweet Review With Lex!

2:38:00-2:44:00: WSOP MAIN 2009 and Bluffs

2:44:00-2:47:00: Old School Series

2:47:00-2:49:00: Poker advice!

2:49:00-2:58:00: Podcast Guest Recommendation
2:58:00: Patrik Antonius PLO Cash Game and Outro

(SHOTS FIRED) Shaun Deeb Adresses Negreanu Feud, Markup Comments & Upcoming 2019 WSOP Preparation

(SHOTS FIRED) Shaun Deeb Adresses Negreanu Feud, Markup Comments & Upcoming 2019 WSOP Preparation

May 1, 2019

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Shaun Deeb discusses Negreanu feud, comments on markup, upcoming 2019 WSOP preparation and more. 


(0:00) Intro, Shaun Deeb (2:30) What poker game formats and stakes has Shaun been playing lately? (3:00) Shaun explains why it's so important to seize opportunities arise in poker. (4:00) #DadLife with Shaun Deeb (7:00) Shaun's recent Twitter dispute with Daniel Negreanu re: JohnnyVibes WSOP package markup (10:00) Shaun's qualifications as an all-time poker tournament grinder (11:00) Is Shaun being a "bully" with his commentary as the 'Markup Police' (14:30) Addressing Negreanu's negative Twitter remarks about Deeb (16:30) The struggles and guilt that comes with being married to a poker pro (17:30) The Twitter "marriage last longer" prop bet (19:30) Ashley Deeb's Twitter response to Deeb-Negreanu dispute, prop bet offer (20:30) Papi defends some of DNegs' #OOL interactions (21:00) "Touchy-feely" incident involving Amanda Leatherman and DNegs on "The Big Game?" Out of court settlement and Non Disclosure Agreement? (21:30) Deeb says Daniel has DNegs crosses a lot of lines (22:30) Mason Malmuth vs. Daniel Negreanu, and other feuds (23:30) Daniel has taken fat checks and hurt poker players, says Deeb (24:30) Should Daniel Negreanu adjust his approach as an ambassador? (26:00) Shaun promotes and defends Daniel Negreanu's 2019 WSOP package (27:00) Why dealing with mass backing payouts as a WSOP players is a huge headache (28:30) Both Shaun and Joey believe Phil Hellmuth is "underrated" (29:30) Shaun's action with Kane Kalas, Joe McKeehan, and Phil Hellmuth (30:30) The Phil Hellmuth hype is real (31:30) 50 Cent vs. Randall Emmett Instagram sh**storm (32:30) Was Negreanu's YouTube coverage of #FoftyGate hypocritical? (34:00) Shaun justifies shaming those who owe debts in the poker world (35:00) What would have been next step if Randall hadn't paid debt to 50 Cent? (36:00) Lala Kent interviews and memes that have gone viral (37:00) Daniel Negreanu "doesn't back down," is a "hypocrite," says Deeb (40:00) Daniel Negreanu's chivalrous defense of Eric Lindgren, while burying Mike Matusow (40:15) "Daniel gets so much enjoyment out of making other people miserabe." -Shaun Deeb (40:30) Deeb confirms Daniel's dress-to-the-left bulge is big (42:00) Phil Hellmuth has advised others to be more discreet while working to clean up industry (44:00) Discussion of JohnnyVibes WSOP package, tournament markup, poker hand ranges (52:00) Promotion of Poker Sasha PLO package, Ryan LaPlante's package, and high roller ROIs (55:00) Deeb's thoughts on PLO edges, shout-outs to Alex Foxen and Chance Kornuth (59:00) In-depth thoughts about poker tournament markup (1:03:00) Confirmed: Shaun Deeb is markup police, but sucks at Twitter punctuation (1:05:30) Deeb responds to JohnnyVibes in-chat commentary (1:07:00) "GTO is not as solved as people thought is was." (1:07:30) Shaun Deeb doesn't hold back in critique of JohnnyVibes poker skill level (1:11:30) "Day 1" poker pro tournament social media outreach is typically less than Day 2+ (1:13:00) Example of exploitative poker hand play (1:14:00) Shaun Deeb says JohnnyVibes is "full of shit" and "doesn't belong in poker." (1:16:00) Recent 3Bet poker clothing store closure. RunGoodGear best apparel brand? (1:17:00) Shaun Deeb's inner-circle in the poker world (1:18:00) More discussion about tournament markup (1:20:00) Paul Volpe cash game and WSOP tournament skill (1:23:00) Jason Mercier has immersed himself into the #DadLife, Shaun says (1:25:30) Poker Life Podcast chat interaction (1:28:00) The great Wizard-Assistant Jonah Vella has moved on to big things (1:30:30) 50 Cent vs. Randall Emmett re-dux (1:32:00) What are the biggest mistakes tournament players make? (1:34:00) Ashley Deeb Poker Life Podcast cameo will have to wait (1:35:30) Shaun Deeb's high profile "slowroll" of Mike Matusow (PNIA - 2013) (1:36:00) Whatever happened to...? Doyle Brunson appreciation. (1:40:00) General thoughts on poker player outreach and sincerity (1:43:00) Ashley Deeb has Shaun Deeb's complete respect it seems (1:46:00) Shaun Deeb believes non-profitable pros to find something else to do (1:49:00) The diminishing returns and expected value of almost all poker pros (1:50:30) Poker vlogs (1:52:00) Shaun Deeb's "go with the flow" WSOP prep strategy, making two "Day 3's" in 2018 (1:53:00) Shaun believes a prop bet is necessary to motivate him to perform at peak in 2019 WSOP (1:54:30) WSOP phone chargers, and how they tie into ongoing markup debates (1:56:30) Shaun Deeb refuses to initiate HU "Daniel Negreanu pool challenge" (1:57:30) First-hand thoughts on Daniel Negreanu's 2010 WSOPE £10k "pound you back" incident (2:04:30) "It's gonna be a fun summer!" Has Shaun Deeb "evolved" as a poker personality? (2:05:00) Why "transparency" is important in all aspects of the poker world (2:06:00) How Shaun and Ashley Deeb met at a poker table (Chad Brown charity event) (2:08:00) Papi reveals he doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment (2:08:30) Upcoming Poker After Dark episodes on PokerGO (2:09:30) Eli Elezra debt to Shaun Deeb, talks with Mason Malmuth and David Sklansky at 2+2 (2:11:00) Joey Ingram's first experience at American Poker Awards, meeting Las Vegas gamig lawyer David Gzesh, Antonio Esfandiari and others (2:12:00) Back to Eli Elezra book (2:13:00) Shout-out to Allen Kessler (aka "chainsaw") (2:14:00) Upcoming Poker Life Podcast episodes, arm wrestling ambassador conversation (2:17:00) Why "limit" poker and "mixed games" underperform in broadcast viewership terms (2:19:00) Parting thoughts: "Never be scared money." Some MTT players are so... (2:20:30) "Tournament Playing Papi" -- Run It Up Reno (2:21:00) Shaun Deeb slowroll in Jacksonville, Florida. "I slowrolled my grandmother when she was alive." (2:23:00) Shaun has never been given the opportunity to properly "defend" one of his 3 WSOP bracelets (2:25:00) Final thoughts. "Kids are expensive." More to come... thanks for watching!

America’s Card Room CEO Addresses Cheating

America’s Card Room CEO Addresses Cheating

April 30, 2019

ACR Ceo Phil Nagy joins me on the Poker Life podcast today. I've made a number of different videos in the past about the cheating taking place on America's Card Room. Botting, colluding, tournament exploits, and who knows what else might be or have been taking place. Refunds near $500,000 have been issued to players. We deserve some answers and we will get them today. Sign Up for Upswing Poker's PLO Matrix. A precise and easy to use visual representation of GTO preflop ranges: Sign Up for Upswing Poker's Tournament Course from Nick Petrangelo:

Daniel Strelitz - Is Randall Emmett The Most Annoying Person In Poker??

Daniel Strelitz - Is Randall Emmett The Most Annoying Person In Poker??

April 28, 2019

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. My podcast guest today is Daniel Strelitz aka dDeoxyribo. Daniel is a long-time MTT player who finished 2nd in this years PCA Main Event and is also a coach for Chipleader Coaching. I also love his dads Twitter account :)

Chip Leader Coaching WSOP bootcamp:

Randall Emmett Annoying Good/Bad For Poker Discussion 59:24

Chance Kornuth On Negreanu’s Package, $100k Workout Bet,  Hellmuth Positivity

Chance Kornuth On Negreanu’s Package, $100k Workout Bet, Hellmuth Positivity

April 25, 2019

High Stakes Pro Chance Kornuth joins the Podcast today. Chance is a high stakes PLO & MTT player, co-founder of Chip Leader Coaching, tournament & cash game backer, and a master of the live tells.

Chip Leader Coaching WSOP bootcamp:

$100k Workout Prop Bet 3:00
Negreanu's Package discussion 1:10:45
Hellmuth Positivity Video: 1:21:18
One Piece Of PLO Strat: 2:30:27

(Legendary Episode) Alex Foxen (#1 GPI Ranked Tournament Player In The World)

(Legendary Episode) Alex Foxen (#1 GPI Ranked Tournament Player In The World)

April 24, 2019

Chip Leader Coaching WSOP bootcamp:

Today's podcast guest is Alex Foxen. Alex is the #1 ranked GPI tournament player in the entire world totaling around $8.5mm in cashes since 2018. Very excited for the world to get to know more about Alex.

Johnnie Vibes Responds To Controversy
Doug Polk Is BACK Firing Shots All Around

Doug Polk Is BACK Firing Shots All Around

April 19, 2019

TIMESTAMPS 0:00 START 0:28 Intro 1:50 upcoming podcast guests 2:30 Doug's weight loss 3:50 Content grind and burnout 4:54 Counting calories vs Working out and overall Fitness/health 7:15 Doug's Vids 8:40 Freedom and traveling 10:00 Hit the Poker Ceiling 10:59 Doug Shoutouts 12:15 VR Poker quick thoughts 13:30 Joey returns and talks about Cocaine 14:20 The GPI awards 18:30 Where is Doug traveling 19:22 Fake Positive people's personas 26:20 Johnnie Vibes/Poker markup 38:30 Poker Vlogs 45:20 Social Media/Instagram content 48:39 back to vlogs/vloggers and what we idolize in poker 55:10 F*** the pros - what is poker about 57:30 Future of Online and Live Poker (BOTS) 59:20 Phil Nagy (ACR CEO) podcast and ACR bots 1:07:10 Bots possibly sharing cards in PLO / Weird hands/trends 1:10:24 Ryan Fee and playing poker 1:12:18 NLH vs THE GREAT GAME of PLO 1:16:40 What makes a game better than others 1:18:00 back to vlogs / Johnnie Vibes 1:19:40 Marle 1:20:40 shoutouts 1:23:07 ASMR 1:23:50 Charlie Carrel and controversial topics / F*** GTO 1:29:40 How Doug plays and teaches poker; GTO vs Exploitative 1:32:30 Why Doug doesn't see value in debating Charlie Carrel 1:34:55 Game of Thrones 1:39:33 Conspiracy theories 1:41:09 Cat incident (played in wrong tournament) 1:45:40 how Joey asks questions 1:47:40 Drugs in Poker (weed/addy) 1:49:00 What's new in Poker? How positive and negative stories compare 1:52:20 Poker Streaming (ALLINPAV crushing) 1:54:20 Ziigmund making out on Antonius stream 1:55:40 Garrett Adelstein - wanting to be the best at your hobbies/career 1:58:40 What does Doug have planned to do next? 2:00:00 DID I MENTION THE GIVEAWAY!? / Upswing Poker 2:02:10 Making money in the content space 2:06:10 Fight Videos/Breakdowns 2:08:40 Making Videos in other spaces-- dealing with hate comments 2:12:50 Trying not to upset people and wanting everyone to like you 2:16:50 OOL discussions on the Pod 2:00:20 Luke Schwartz bad mouthing Doug on the Pod 2:24:00 Mending Fences with people / Refusing to admit wrongness 2:27:20 Pretending to be butterflies ending the pod

Nick Vertucci On Life Wisdom & High Stakes Poker

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