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Max Silver aka Goodeh99 on Stars

September 24, 2016

Max Silver aka goodeh99 on Pokerstars is my guest today. I've known Max from the 5/10 PLO streets over the past bunch of years and now he has gone full blown tournament player on is in conjunction with the release of his new product. This is the first official podcast where I debut my GTO advertisement readings, included today are Snapshove, The Great Game of PLO and Papis Cuddle Cafe in Japan. 

Check out Snapshove today and if you sign up, let me know on Facebook or Twitter. I will be giving out a couple exclusive strategy articles for the people that do so that they aren't so bad at playing poker :D (Seriously, they are pretty GTO value): 
Use this link:
Also if you end up putting your hand out and taking The Great Game of PLO pill, you will be awarded one free PLO strategy question. I will put my all into answering it and make you feel good :D 

1:32 introduction

3:32 Advertisement___SNAPSHOVE___ Advertisement

8:49 background
14:13 nosebleed MTTs
33:02 WCOOP 2016
39:17 bovada
49:19 bots
1:03:45 poker economy
1:08:29 zoom poker
1:13:28 future plans

1:16:58 Advertisement___PLO___ Advertisement

1:21:38 SnapShove development process
1:36:12 PLO MTTs
1:37:05 Moscow trip
1:58:56 staking offer

2:07:26 Advertisement___CUDDLE CAFE___ Advertisement


44:07 hypocrisy in poker
1:33:25 integrity during tough times

shots fired:

16:45 softplay / colluding
47:18 Germans (JMO)
54:18 mistakenly evil Empire
1:04:28 pokerstars
1:27:41 #enterpreneurlife #AD
1:46:58 Phil Hellmuth


27:47 MTT bed-sharing
33:59 bed-sharing power rankings
52:46 Doug Polk (marketing) impression
2:00:30 spooning club / cuddle cafe