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Matt Berkey Talks Million $$$ Cash Game Hands + Super High Roller Bowl

April 12, 2019

**TIMESTAMPS BELOW** Big Bet Matt Berkey joins me to talk about his recent play on the million dollar cash game on Live At The Bike and the $300k Super High Roller Bowl event so far.

2:13 Super High Roller Bowl Changed From Years Past
4:33 Thoughts on the SHRB Field This Year
9:57 Divide between Theorists/Data Analaysts/Vs. Copycats
13:55 Players being critiszed
16:25 There is more to solvers than only the data
17:30 Has poker strategy discussion gone to far solver based?
22:00 AA vs J7 Hand vs Nick Vertucci
24:00 SHRB Coverage For Viewers
-24:00 Nick Schulman commentary
26:04 MTT vs Cash Game Players
26:52 Me Being More Active on Twitter during SHRB
28:10 PokerGo Being The WWE
31:30 Garrett Adelsein aka Your wife or your money
35:00 Andrew Neemee Popularity
38:10 People afraid of having rivalries
39:00 Gus Hansen
40:40 MVP Of Super High Roller Bowl
42:00 Lowkey MVP of SHRB aka Hollywood
43:05 My MVP Vogelsang
46:10 Theory on top poker players influence
52:30 SHRB Final Takeaways
56:08 LATB Million $$$ Cash Game
-56:50 Deep stacks killing action
-59:45 Using Short Deck structure for NL cash
-1:01:00 Berkey Aggressive Play
-1:03:20 Hand vs Garrett Adelstein
1:06:00 Plan on playing more live streams??
1:09:33 Jonah Searches For Nudes
1:14:40 SolveForWhy VLOGS
1:16:09 Marlz Vlog