The Poker Life and HSPLO Podcasts

Ludovic Geilich aka gr4vybo4t aka ludovi333

May 2, 2016
Ludovic Geilich aka gr4vybo4t aka ludovi333 is an online/live MTT player and he also plays the great game of PLO!! We also has a very sweet accent and we all know that people love accents (assuming the accent is not our own accent, in which case it is the same ol voice we always hear.) I know that some people believe accents do not exist and to those who do, god bless you. We reviewed a couple hands Ludo played on a recent PLO live stream Ludo was pretty upfront and honest about his thoughts related to his own poker ups and downs. Enjoy the podcast. 


 9:30 Ludo PLO video: Hand 1
21:00 Ludo PLO video: Hand 2
29:00 Recent live PLO
42:30 EPT Grand Final/rake in live cash games
48:25 Tournament changes on Pokerstars
55:50 Glasgow poker scene/Scottish and British players
1:05:00 Poker and dating/women in poker
1:16:30 Glasgow accent and slang
1:21:50 Poker plans for near future
1:26:30 Chip swings at EPT Monte Carlo
1:35:10 Travelling for live poker: expenses, selling action etc.
1:49:00 JC Alvarado vs Olivier Busquet fight

I will be writing takeaways/recaps of each podcast and all sorts of other different poker related things on my website: