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Lex Veldhuis On Overcoming Mental Health Issues

May 2, 2019

TIMESTAMPS BELOW. Lex Veldhuis is a long time poker player and one of the most successful poker streamers in the industry right now. He currently streams regularly on Twitch to thousands of people while pursuing poker excellence in the tournament format. Lex is a fan favorite of the podcast and someone I've known for a long time. Very happy to have him back on.

0:00-3:45: Introduction

3:45-9:00: Twitch Audience and Understanding Viewership

9:00-14:00: Stream Grind vs Twitch Grind (ex. Playing high roller tournaments with NO HUD)

14:00-18:00: Streaming When Downswinging

18:00-21:25: Competitive Mindset and Emotions

21:25-30:10: Competition Between Twitch Streamers + No Days Off Mentality

30:10-42:00: UFC + Pokerstars Deal

42:00-44:30: Lex Documentary???

44:30-53:45: PokerStars Streamers Going to PartyPoker

53:45-1:15:00: Pokerstars Rake Situation

1:15:00-1:20:00: The State of Tournaments

1:20:00-1:26:00: Lex’s Goals (Top 10 Streamer)

1:26:00-1:48:15: Lex’s Stress and Health

1:48:15-1:51:00: Lex’s “Purpose”

1:51:00-2:00:00: Toxic Chats

2:00:00-2:14:00: Tournament Strategy

2:14:00-2:18:00: Intrinsic Motivation

2:18:00-2:38:00: Tweet Review With Lex!

2:38:00-2:44:00: WSOP MAIN 2009 and Bluffs

2:44:00-2:47:00: Old School Series

2:47:00-2:49:00: Poker advice!

2:49:00-2:58:00: Podcast Guest Recommendation
2:58:00: Patrik Antonius PLO Cash Game and Outro