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Kitty Kuo and Katrina Lim (Girl Got Game TV Show)

April 13, 2016
Joining me on the podcast today are Kitty Kuo and Katrina Lim to discuss there upcoming reality poker show Girl Got Game. Kitty is has been playing poker professionally for a couple years now, mainly focusing on tournaments. She is known for her entertaining Twitter, fashion prowess amongst other things. Katrina is one of the creators of the show and will be playing the hostess/producer for the 8 person all female cast.  We talk about more details for the show, who is on the cast, Kittys background in the real world that lead her into poker. Phil Ivey asking out Kitty many times, her love story with Russell and much more.  We also get appearances from a couple good friends of the podcast in Ryan Fee and Jason Les, as well as Kittys boyfriend/future husband/baby daddy Russel Thomas. 


1:45 Kitty nervous in the spotlight
3:44 Katrina Lim - background
4:19 Girl Got Game - beginning/start
13:43 Girl Got Game - candidates
17:04 Girl Got Game - villa
31:25 Girl Got Game - SECRET candidate revealed
38:17 Girl Got Game - gameplay/rules
43:02 Kitty - background/poker journey
48:44 Kitty - lovestory with Russell Thomas
1:1:43 Girl Got Game - Season 2
1:6:30 Handsome men - power rankings
1:9:51 Kittykuo outplayed Fedor
1:16:30 Ivey asks Kitty over 9000 times for a date