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Iimitless (HSNL Online Cash Pokerstars

May 2, 2017

Timestamps Below!! Many people say that it is impossible to go from the micro stakes to the highest stakes cash games on Pokerstars in 2017. My guest today Iimitless aka Viktor started playing online poker in 2014 after tearing his ACL multiple times playing handball. He has been able to work his way up to $25/$50 and $50/$100 cash games on Pokerstars and has become one of the top regulars in the game :)


1:07 intro
3:58 poker career
17:32 strategy
22:58 battling
29:25 NL power rankings

32:30 back story
36:40 martial arts
40:42 daily approach
44:29 no tilt
48:53 mid stakes vs high stakes
50:55 study habbits
53:43 GTO / Pio
57:20 rakeback
1:09:09 Prague adventures
1:12:09 screen names with ratings
1:14:35 difference nl2k – nl5k
1:22:56 regular in the life
1:38:08 scripts / bots
1:46:39 his brother and poker
2:07:04 site improvements

2:16:12 Iimitless wisdom


1:24:58 live on your own rules


1:51:28 the dream machine
2:11:45 Trueteller story