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HSPLO Podcast (Hands from March from Isldur/Trueteller/LrsLzk/Ansky/D2themfi)

March 11, 2016
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I haven't done a high stakes pot limit omaha hand review video like this in awhile but here are 10 PLO hands from the High Stakes thread on TwoPlusTwo played on Pokerstars this month. We have some very fun hands played by Isildur, Trueteller, Fjutekk, supernova9 aka Dani Stern, Lrslzk , d2themfi and more.


0:57 : TheFish77 vs fjutekk 40k Pot 
5:26 Trueteller vs Lrslzk 46k Pot
8:14  Trueteller vs Lrslzk 47k Pot
12:22 Trueteller vs Lrslzk 30k Pot
14:45 Trueteller vs Lrslzk 51k Pot
19:24 Isildur vs fjutekk 35k Pot
22:04 Trueteller vs Lrslzk 56k Pot
25:44 fjutekk vs Lrslzk 37k Pot
28:38 Isildur vs d2themfi vs n0d1ceb4by 73k Pot
32:11 Supernova9 aka Dani Stern vs Trueteller 14k Pot