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Doug Polk Talks About Winning $3.6 MILLION DOLLARS

June 14, 2017

Timestamps courtsey of David Huber (Thanks David!)


(0:00) Intro, Live from Doug's Vegas-area stomping grounds
(1:25) Doug's One Drop win still hasn't completely sunk in
(2:10) Doug shows off WSOP High Roller for One Drop bracelet
(2:55) One Drop + Tag Team winners' photo story from 2016
(4:45) Doug's One Drop victory still hasn't sunk in for Joey either
(6:10) Doug's One Drop vlog on YouTube has 250,000 views
(6:20) Joey makes affiliate push, tank tops incoming
(7:00) Has Doug officially changed his tune about MTTs? TPP!
(9:30) The grind of a live MTT pro - Doug doesn't want to be "slave to the system"
(10:25) Joey ties it all together for us
(11:50) Dong Kim once tried poker tournaments, he didn't like them
(12:37) How is Doug treated by some of his poker tournament peers? Nonstop hate from a ton of people?
(13:45) High Roller poker community consists of less than 100 individuals
(15:00) Doug talks about misapplications of "Group Think" in tournament poker strategy
(17:35) Doug grades competition, cash game vs. tournament players
(19:00) Name 7 WSOP Main Event winners
(20:25) Jerry Yang not great at poker? WHAT?!
(22:50) Doug shoots on German High Roller crew
(23:40) "Hollywood Ike" Haxton hypothetical discussion, name recognition is GTO, hard-on for small pairs?
(25:30) Doug believes one-third of the field is losing in typical High Roller events
(26:28) Daniel Negreanu "Memes-n-dreams" - Doug's live poker telecast wardrobe
(27:10) Conversation about Luke Schwartz - Doug says Luke is "too cray"
(28:35) World anxiously awaits response after "Double-A" Alec Torelli's June 6th Tweet
(29:40) Doug explains why he doesn't shy away from all controversial topics in the poker industry
(30:45) Doug explains stance on Alec Torelli live poker hidden chips controversy
(32:25) Goodwill shout-out to "Jim The Floorman"
(33:00) Doubling-down on being wrong is BS - better to own up to mistakes
(35:40) Alec Torelli "three buttons down" shirt module coming soon?
(37:35) Joey's new module on #WSOOOL available soon, Tournamnet Master Class discussion
(38:40) The Rise of Upswing Poker, even Doug is amazed at Upswing's rapid growth
(39:55) Doug fulfilled by success of Jason Les, Dong Kim, Daniel McAulay, Jimmy Chou
(43:45) Jonah The Wizard Assistant + SrslySirius shout-outs
(44:05) Doug's plans for rest of 2017, considering cryptocurrency or comedy channel
(46:20) Joey and Doug give their shout-outs
(47:00) Joey wants advice on surviving the Las Vegas summer elements
(48:40) Joey crystal-balls future Doug/Kaitie matrimony?
(49:15) One fan actually got down on his knees and HAILED Supreme Leader Douglas K. Polk at WSOP?
(49:40) Believe it or not, Doug used to get OOL frequently in his younger days
(51:35) Upswing Poker Party at Surrender Nightclub at Wynn Casino - July 7th
(52:20) Joey & Doug will find girls for shy poker players who attend, Joey's Giveaway TOS
(54:10) Joey not impressed with "two free drinks," asks about open bar for 1k people in Vegas
(55:10) Joey deserves "Upswing Poker Affiliate of The Year" award, ceremony TBD
(56:00) Meet Doug, Ryan Fee, Matt Colletta, Joey and many players + personalities this July 7th
(57:40) Jonah met chain smokers recently, is doing great work, has legit skills
(58:40) Drama between Doug & DNegs? Negreanu's recent hairstyle comment referring to Doug.
(1:00:20) Doug gets around to thoughts on Daniel Negreanu
(1:03:45) Joey thinks Doug doesn't receive enough support from mainstream poker hierarchy
(1:05:00) Doug appreciates "more than fair share" of media coverage, has issue with APA politics
(1:06:00) Winning & crushing helps when it comes to poker recognition and acceptance
(1:08:30) Doug & Joey adapt to WSOP "celebrity" experience, fan outreach
(1:11:15) Fans mis-stating Doug's patented intro - Doug still gets called Vanessa Selbst a lot
(1:12:20) Ryan Fee cameo - Joey promotes #WSOOOL get together with one lucky fan
(1:14:30) Mike Dentale in-person versus his social media persona
(1:14:50) PokerGO WSOP 2017 paywall coverage - Pros & Cons - Good or Bad?
(1:18:38) Fedor Holz joins DougPolkPoker YouTube Tuesday at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)
(1:19:50) Doug's YouTube content
(1:20:28) "Marked cards" controversy during 2017 WSOP High Roller One Drop final table
(1:24:05) Doug's plans for Vegas -- vlogging, cash games, tournaments
(1:24:30) The GREAT GAME of PLO
(1:25:17) Joey explains the reality of the Poker Tournament World - Born to mincash?
(1:26:10) Mr. TPP in the house! Tournament Playing Papi
(1:26:39) Papi's plans at 2017 WSOP... stayin' alive & gettin' hitched prop bet?
(1:29:40) Shout-outs and 3-way, Joey comes up with all-new giveaway, next frontier
(1:31:57) New Upswing Poker pro TBA this week! One more pro TBA in July!
(1:34:00) Conclusion, Pot Limit Omaha plug + Fedor Holz podcast with Doug tomorrow 2pm Pacific
(1:35:08) Have we mentioned the Giveaway?