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Doug Polk Gets REAL On Videos Taken Down, Alec Torelli, Poker Awards & More

May 2, 2017

Me and Doug Polk are together in Beverly Hills for this Poker Life Podcast Episode. We discuss Doug being snubbed at the American Poker Awards (1:30) Cate Hall poker awards speech (9:14) Limon/Live At The Bike incident (19:45) Famous JJ hand vs Alec Torelli (30:53) Bang Bang Alec (35:00) Poker coaches (36:24) Bang Bang training sites (40:00) Chasing The Poker Dream book (40:30) Future of poker content (41:30) Bang Bang Twitch (44:15) Doug HU course (Best HU course EVER) (45:30)

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GTO Club (48:45) Prop betting (52:05) Doug HSP videos being taken down from YouTube (53:18)

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